Tuesday 15 October 2013
(NZ) Appeal ruling disgusts gxxg lawyer
(UK) Biker who belonged to whites-only gxxg 'shot dead his estranged wife in front of her daughters after threatening to skin her alive'
(USSA) Biker madness takes over city tabloids
(AUS) Google refunds two dollars for cop jobs ad on biker website
(AUS) New legislation to make life hell for bikies
(AUS) Premier Campbell Newman releases list of bikie gxxgs to be declared as criminal organisations under tough new laws
(AUS) Australia biker gxxgs: Queensland plans tough laws
(NZ) Gxxg trial to go ahead despite police misconduct
(AUS) Bandidos bikie Ross Brand died in a hail of bullets fired by rival members
Monday 14 October 2013
(AUS) Gippsland bikies no bother
(AUS) Hells Angel gets bail following raid
(DK) More smashed windows for Bandidos neighbour
(AUS) Break the law, motorbike gets crushed
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