News Item: (AUS) Former Hells Angel says former Adelaide Crows captain Tony McGuinness has nothing to fear
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Thursday 19 August 2010 - 11:39:53

A FORMER Hells Angel who claims his wife had a relationship with Tony McGuinness says the former Adelaide Crows captain has nothing to fear.

Leo Hunt, who told AdelaideNow he had telephoned Georgina McGuinness to tell her about the relationship, said yesterday he wanted to put the issue behind him and reconcile with wife, Anna, for the sake of their two daughters.

"I have no vendetta against him. I have no animosity against Tony, his family, I never have. It's never been about a vendetta. It's been about protecting my family," he said.

"It's completely unfounded that people say his life is in danger, not from myself or an organisation."

Hunt said he had asked McGuinness to meet him in a carpark at the Marion Hotel to sort things out "man-to-man".

Hunt said the meeting never happened as McGuinness turned up with the police.

No charges have been laid over the incident.

McGuinness resigned this week as a director of the high-profile McGuinness McDermott Foundation.

Rumours had been circulating Adelaide's social, sporting and business circles for some time that McGuinness and Hunt's wife were involved in an inappropriate relationship.

McGuinness would not comment on Monday when asked about the rumours. He is now in Tanzania with his wife, Georgina, who is climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with a group of frends to raise money for the McGuiness McDermott Foundation.

His former long-standing Foundation partner Chris McDermott also said he would not comment on McGuinness's "private life", although he conceded he had "encouraged" McGuinness to resign from the Foundation because of the damage the innuendo was doing to the charity.

"There was growing and significant damage to the brand and the Foundation given the rumours that were around the place," he said.

Hunt said yesterday: "I'm definitely working hard at it (to put it behind him) and I'm in the process of trying to rebuild the 18-year relationship I've had with my wife whom I dearly love. I really want us back together again and she is the same.

"She has been a good woman for all my life and we've always had a good relationship. This has been just as hard on her as it has on me."

He also expressed sympathy for Nine Network personality Georgina McGuinness whom, he said, often ate with her children in the Hyde Park restaurant run by Hunt and his wife.

Hunt said he had telephoned Georgina McGuinness to tell her of the alleged relationship.

"I don't feel sorry for him but I do feel sorry for Georgie and for the kids and I do feel sorry for Chris," he said.

Hunt expressed anger his past had become an issue.

He has admitted spending two years in jail and was a member of the Hells Angels for five years.

"I've worked hard at achieving some good goals. I've seen my family suffer unnecessarily over the past two years over this incident," he said.

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