News Item: (CAN) North River man latest to face murder charges in Mersereau investigation
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Tuesday 14 December 2010 - 12:33:40

TRURO - Curtis Lynds, the nephew of outlaw biker Jeff Lynds, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the 2000 shooting deaths of Kirk Mersereau and Nancy Christensen.

Lynds, 34, of North River is also charged with being an accessory in the death of former Hells Angel Randy Mersereau for allegedly helping Jeff Lynds escape custody.

Until his arrest Friday morning at a federal government office in Truro, Curtis Lynds had been parolled to a halfway house after serving federal time on previous drug trafficking convictions. He was parolled in late October after being sentenced in 2008 to more than four years in prison following a wide-sweeping drug bust in Colchester County in September 2007.

Curtis Lynds was arraigned in provincial court in Truro Monday morning where he sat stoically throughout the brief hearing. Lynds appeared in court with slight facial stubble and a crew cut and was wearing glasses, a dark blue jacket with white piping, blue jeans and blue tennis shoes. He showed little emotion as he was remanded into custody until his next court hearing on Jan. 12.

As he was led from the courtroom Lynds turned his head to snatch a glance at his girlfriend, Jessica Hamilton, who was sitting with a strained face in the second row of the public gallery and who had been blocked from his view during the hearing by the presence of several sheriff's deputies.

Duty Counsel Ron Chisholm requested Lynds be remanded back in a federal institution, given that his parole had been revoked in light of the new charges and to avoid his being kept in solitary confinement in a provincial jail, because of the arrests of other accused in the investigation into the death of Randy Mersereau.

Judge Richard MacKinnon agreed to make the recommendation to justice officials.

Jeff Lynds is currently facing double homicide charges in Montreal and although there is no indication he has been charged with Mersereau's death, he is named as the former biker's killer in documents filed with the courts.

The arrest of Curtis Lynds is the latest in a number of domino-like arrests that have occurred in recent weeks.

Last week, East Mountain resident Les Greenwood, 41, was also charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Kirk Mersereau and his common-law wife Nancy Christensen.

Greenwood has also been charged with accessory after the fact in the homicide of Randy Mersereau (Kirk's brother) and with Randy Mersereau's attempted murder in the September 2000 bombing of a used car dealership in Bible Hill, which left several people injured.

Greenwood has been remanded into custody and is next scheduled to appear in provincial court in Truro on Jan. 11.

As well, Salmon River resident Gerald MacCabe, 43, has been charged as an accessory for allegedly helping Jeff Lynds escape custody.

As to whether further charges may be forthcoming against other individuals, RCMP spokeswoman Sgt. Brigdit Leger said she could not comment other than to say the investigation is not closed.

"This is an ongoing investigation," she said.

Kirk Mersereau was 48 and Christensen was 47 when they were gunned down in their Centre Burlington (Hants County) home in September 2000. Their 18-month-old son was found in his crib, unharmed.

The investigation into Randy Mersereau's death renewed in earnest in October when the RCMP spent a week searching an Onslow Mountain home. In late November the investigation moved to North River and on Dec. 1, after several days of searching, police discovered skeletal human remains in a wooded area off the Hiram Lynds Road.

Those remains have been identified as that of Randy Mersereau.

"The Mersereau family is aware (of the identification)," Leger said.

Following is some of the history of Mersereau's disappearance:


Sept. 23 - At 4:20 p.m., a bomb blasts through Auto Scout Car Sales Limited in Bible Hill, injuring seven people, including Mersereau.

Nov. 5 - Mersereau's car is found abandoned near Milford on Highway 102.

Dec. 13 - Mersereau is reported missing to Truro RCMP major crimes unit.


Sept. 9 - Randy's brother Barry Kirk Mersereau and sister-in-law Nancy Christensen were shot to death in Hants County.


Oct. 14 - RCMP search an Onslow Mountain property after receiving new information about the investigation.

Dec. 2 - RCMP major crimes unit begin to set up mobile command unit on Hiram Lynds Road in North River.

Dec. 3 - Gerald Leslie MacCabe, 43, of Salmon River is charged with accessory after the fact in Mersereau's murder, marking the first time police have referred to his disappearance as a homicide.

Dec. 3 - Court documents identify Jeffrey Albert Lynds as Mersereau's killer, although no evidence has been provided to suggest he has been charged with the crime.

Dec. 3 - Nova Scotia Medical Examiner called to investigation site.

Dec.5 - Human skeleton remains discovered at dig site in North River

Dec. 10 - Les Greenwood, 41, of East Mountain charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Kirk Mersereau and Nancy Christensen, with accessory after the fact in Randy Mersereau's murder and with his attempted murder in the September 2000 bombing of a used car dealership in Bible Hill.

Dec. 10 - Curtis Lynds arrested at a halfway house in Truro on first-degree murder charges.

Dec. 13 - Curtis Lynds arraigned in provincial court on first-degree murder charges in the deaths of Kirk Mersereau and Nancy Christensen and as an accessory in the death of Randy Merserea

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