News Item: (AUS) Residents disturbed by Kings Cross bikie brawl
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Thursday 09 February 2012 - 14:21:21

MEMBERS of the 2011 Resident’s Association are disturbed and concerned by the brazen nature of Saturday night’s clash between alleged members and associates of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gxxg and Kings Cross police.

One man, aged 50, and his son, 23, were arrested and charged with affray, assault and intimidate police and resist arrest.

They were alleged to be part of a group of at least 50 bikies, many wearing full colours and supporter’s shirts, who were allegedly attempting to gain entry to nightclubs associated with John Ibrahim.

2011 Resident’s Association president Lucas Crabtree said that while anti-social behaviour in Kings Cross is nothing new, the level of violence and the display of gxxg colours was a concern.

“We don’t normally see bikies in colours in the Cross so this that was a surprise,” Mr Crabtree said.

“Obviously we are concerned and disturbed by it all. The escalation of violence over the weekend is worrying. One of our members lives on Darlinghurst Rd and said it appeared there were hundreds of people involved.”

Both men are due to face Downing Centre Court today.

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