News Item: Drug bust includes four from metro
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Thursday 30 November 2006 - 13:39:35

The Chronicle Herald

Four Nova Scotians, including one convicted of manslaughter, face a slew of drug charges after a 17-month investigation into a P.E.I. biker.

Officers travelled to metro Halifax this week to arrest Shannon Irene Huntington, 35, of Halifax; Jason David Conrad, 38, of Lower Sackville; Earl Spencer Allan Power, 44, of Timberlea; and Sham Jaggi of Halifax, who turned 24 the day he was picked up.

They were among 18 people charged in Operation Legalize, an investigation into the alleged trafficking of cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana and prescription drugs in P.E.I.

Police there allege that three of the Nova Scotians charged supplied and sometimes ferried drugs.Joint forces drug officers broke into the drug ring using wiretaps and evidence seized from the May 2006 raids on a Charlottetown shop selling Hells Angels merchandise and a number of homes.

Over 100 charges have been laid, but RCMP and local police launched the investigation with a specific target in mind: Derreck Dean Huggan.

"Mr. Huggan, being a member of a motorcycle gang, the investigation stemmed from that and looking at his activities," Cpl. Reg Campbell, RCMP spokesman in P.E.I., said.

Mr. Huggan, a former Hubbards resident, was arrested by Tantallon RCMP in April 2000 on three counts of possessing drugs for the purpose of trafficking, possessing a restricted weapon and unsafe storage of a firearm.

The 41-year-old became a member of the Bacchus motorcycle club when the New Brunswick-based chapter took over the Forerunners, Cpl. Campbell said.

He is the only club member living in P.E.I., the officer said, and is now the only former Forerunner with the Bacchus club.

Mr. Huggan and other Bacchus members have been "seen in association with members of the East Coast Riders (Motorcycle) Club," Cpl. Campbell said.

Some members of the Halifax-based club and Bacchus members have been seen together "at various functions hosted by other motorcycle groups," he said.

The East Coast Riders may have a link to the Hells Angels on their website, but the club has not been publicly identified as an outlaw motorcycle gang.

Around the same time the Bacchus appeared in P.E.I., a Hells Angels support store set up shop in Charlottetown.

Route 81 – reportedly named to represent H, the eighth letter of the alphabet, and A, the first — opened in early 2005 and was raided by police in May as part of Operation Legalize.

The store, owned by Ms. Huntington, has since closed down.

CBC news reported in 2005 that Ms. Huntington was the girlfriend of a man about to become a biker.

Her co-accused, Mr. Power, received a five and a half year prison term for his role in the March 1984 slaying of Stephen Peebles.

The Halifax man was hacked to death with a meat cleaver by Dennis Warren Smith after he and Mr. Power promised to sell him cheap heroin, this newspaper reported.

Mr. Power pushed Mr. Peebles down, and Mr. Smith repeatedly struck him with the cleaver. Stab wounds to his body were never explained.

Ms. Huntington was released from custody on conditions, while the remaining Nova Scotians were remanded to the Sleepy Hollow Correctional Centre in Charlottetown.

Mr. David, who has a criminal record for drug charges, is scheduled to return to court on Friday, while Mr. Power and Mr. Jaggi, a graduate of Holland College’s culinary arts program, are expected to return next Tuesday.

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