News Item: COP OR TRIGGER-HAPPY CRIMINAL? In my opinion: by W.T. “RoadBlock” Harrell
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Posted by EViLELF
Thursday 02 January 2014 - 11:08:56

Bureaucrats and cops in Holly Hill, Florida just don’t seem to understand the law, or maybe they feel that they are above it. Last year, they told a veteran he couldn’t fly American military flags. Now, in this case, another family pet has paid a heavy price because a trigger-happy police officer refused to follow the law.

Two days after Christmas, Richard Stotler heard a loud knocking on his front door. When he answered, he was confronted by Holly Hill police officers with a misdemeanor bench warrant for a woman for prostitution. Stotler explained no such person lived at his address, and he didn’t know the woman they were seeking.

Instead of bothering to check that they had the right address, the Holly Hill police continued to demand that Stotler produce the woman. When he saw they weren’t going to be reasonable, he told them to leave, and went back inside his home.

Instead of leaving, the Holly Hill police officers slipped around to his back yard, pried his locked gate open and shot his dog Lady three times.

When Stotler ran out to see what the shooting was about, the Holly Hill police officers told him to get on his knees. They put him down on the ground, handcuffed him, and locked him in a police car. Meanwhile, his frantic wife was desperately trying to stop Lady’s bleeding and save her life.

They eventually removed the cuffs and let Stotler out of the cop car. He was then allowed to load his severely wounded dog in a car and take her to a vet.

The cops told him not to worry, the vet bill would be on them. After pumping three bullets into a dog on private property while allegedly serving a prostitution warrant? How considerate. And why was that hooker so important that a wannabe-SWAT team had to go after her? Couldn't they have checked a few records to see that she no longer owned the house?

Before I go further, I want to let readers know that Lady survived getting shot in the face, head and stomach, no thanks to Holly Hill’s “Pistol Pete.”

The problem with trigger-happy cops murdering family pets in their own homes has escalated dramatically over the past few years, and the chicken-shit thugs continue to get away with it.

It’s past time to stop this abuse of power they routinely practice and hold them to the same standards they hold the citizens they are sworn to protect and serve.

Law enforcement IS necessary in our society. Without it, our wives and kids couldn’t safely walk down the street to a grocery store. But when those sworn to uphold the law are the ones who make it unsafe for people and pets in our own homes, those responsible MUST be held accountable.

Every member of law enforcement takes an oath to protect and defend the constitution before they are given a badge. Law enforcement members must be trained to carry out their duties in a constitutional manner. When they fail to do so, it’s the duty of the citizen to make them wish they had. The law is a two edged weapon and applies to everyone, no matter who or what you are.

Best wishes to Lady, and her owners, on a recovery for all.


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