News Item: (CAN) COURT: NRP constable convicted of breach of trust
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Thursday 09 January 2014 - 01:34:20

ST. CATHARINES – A suspended Niagara Regional Police officer is headed to jail for leaking confidential documents to a criminal motorcycle club.

In August 2013, Const. Dean Rudge was convicted of breach of trust by a public officer for providing confidential information and police documents to the Hell’s Angels Outlaw Motorcycle Club between August 2004 and September 2006.

On Jan. 8 2014 Rudge was sentenced to four years of incarceration.

The Niagara Regional Police’s chief Jeff McGuire was in attendance in court as the sentencing hearing proceeded. After the hearing Chief McGuire issued the following statement:

“Whenever a police officer is involved in a criminal act, or any other act that violates their sworn oath of office, the reputation of the Service is tarnished and public trust is lost. It is my responsibility, one which I take very seriously, to ensure that violations such as those committed by Rudge in this case, are investigated in a professional and diligent manner. That has occurred in this case and we will now continue to work to restore the trust that has been damaged,” said McGuire.

Rudge had been suspended from the NRP since 2007.

Municipal police services are governed by the Police Services Act, a piece of provincial legislation.

The Act does not permit me to stop paying a suspended police officer until the time he or she has been convicted of an offence and sentenced to a period of incarceration.

With the sentence delivered on Jan. 8, Rudge will be suspended from the NRP without pay, effective immediately.

Rudge’s future employment status will be addressed pursuant to the discipline process according to the Act.

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