News Item: (CAN) Francis Boucher, son of former Hells Angels leader 'Mom' Boucher, denied bail
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Posted by ace
Friday 22 May 2015 - 09:31:53

Francis Boucher will remain behind bars while he waits to be tried on the latest charges against him after wrongfully being released from jail in late March.

Boucher is the son of the man who at one time headed the Montreal chapter of the Hell's Angels, Maurice "Mom" Boucher.

The 39-year-old is accused of escaping lawful custody, being at large without lawful excuse and fraudulently impersonating another man — a prisoner named Michel Stéphane Boucher.

The judge at today's bail hearing acknowledged that correctional officials made an "administrative error" in releasing the wrong Boucher, but he said Francis Boucher knew a mistake had been made.

The judge said he also has a long criminal record and could not offer a serious guarantee he'd show up for his next court date. Boucher does not have a job nor a fixed address.

When Boucher was let out of Bordeaux jail on March 23, he was serving a four-month sentence for uttering death threats against a police officer.

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