News Item: (AUS) Former Mongols bikie charged after police raid on Chevron Island home
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Wednesday 11 January 2017 - 16:28:16

BIKIE detectives have charged a former patched Mongol after a raid at his Chevron Island home allegedly uncovered a stolen BMW and jetski.

Taskforce Maxima executed a search warrant at the home as part of their ongoing investigations into the criminal activities of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Officers searched the home yesterday morning and allegedly found a stolen BMW X5 sedan and a stolen jetski.

The BMW is believed to have been stolen from a Hollywell address on December 12, while the jetski is believed to have been stolen from Hope Island on April 1 last year.

Former patched member of the Mongols bikie gang Raymond Foelz, 27, of Chevron Island, was charged with one count of the stealing, two counts of receiving stolen property, one count of the unlawful supply of weapons and one count relating to breach of bail.

He faced Southport Magistrates Court this morning and was granted bail by magistrate Kay Philipson.

Defence lawyer, Mollie Roper, of Moloney MacCallum Lawyers, said the case against Foelz was weak as the property where he was arrested was not his permanent place of residence.

The court also heard none of Foelz DNA found on either of the items.

Foelz was on bail of drug offences at the time he was arrested.

Meanwhile a 31-year-old Chevron Island woman was also charged with one count of stealing, two counts of receiving stolen property, one count of enter premises and commit indictable offence.

Acting Detective Inspector Russell Jones said Taskforce Maxima would continue to target bikies and their associates.

“Once again, we are finding OMCG members and their associates committing serious crime,” he said.

“These people have been arrested on multiple occasions and they need to understand, if they continue to offend they will be targeted. We make no apologies for this.”

Foelz will return to court on February 2.

The woman will appear in court on January 25.

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