News Item: (CAN) Biker gang rolls into town – Outlaws open clubhouse on Princess St.
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Thursday 19 January 2017 - 00:36:25

Kingston – For years, Kingston has marketed itself as a place to do business. Centrally located between Montreal and Toronto with border crossings close by. But it seems that marketing ploy has also caught the attention of a notorious biker gang.
The Outlaws — the world’s third largest motorcycle club — have set up a clubhouse in this non-descript building — across from the Kingston Centre.
The only signage is this Harley Davidson logo and a warning not to take photography of any kind.
According to a former cop and expert on biker gangs, a chapter usually starts with 6 members on probation — before being elevated to full ‘patch’ status after a year.
The Outlaws aren’t hiding the fact they are opening a chapter in the Limestone City — it’s listed on their website.

Morganne Campbell:
“I spoke with one club supporter and business owners who operate near the new clubhouse and they say the Outlaws have been good neighbours so far.
In fact, they haven’t had any issues since they moved into this clubhouse.
Now the Outlaws refer to themselves as a brotherhood and not a criminal organisation.”

A point highlighted on their website.

”We have families, jobs, and responsibilities just like everyone else and although the media like to portray us as being criminals, the truth is we share a common goal of enjoying life to the fullest.” Outlaws MC Canada
CKWS reached out to the Outlaws to speak about their intentions locally.

“We respectfully decline your offer as Outlaws MC Canada does not do interviews. But thank-you and have a nice day.”
Outlaws MC Canada

A former cop and biker gang expert who didn’t want to appear on camera says the arrival of a biker gang in Kingston is a troubling scenario…. because the club could rapidly expand membership.
The last time biker gangs tried to make in-roads in Kingston was over a decade ago — but they left after covert police operations led to arrests … and the seizure of drugs, money and weapons.
An undercover police officer told CKWS they’re monitoring the Outlaws’ current activity and told us that, so far, there’s no indication the bikers have done anything wrong… and there’s no risk to public safety. But police also made it clear — they’re watching.

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