News Item: (USA) Trump praises Harley riders, meets with company execs
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Friday 03 February 2017 - 16:19:09

WASHINGTON — Although he didn’t climb aboard a hog, President Donald Trump praised Harley-Davidson riders during a meeting with officials and other representatives from the Milwaukee-based motorcycle company at the White House on Thursday.

As the officials rolled up to the South Lawn of the executive mansion, Trump greeted them with “Made in America, Harley-Davidson,” adding that bikers “were with me all the way” during his presidential campaign.

But he didn’t take a ride, telling journalists: “Boy, would you like to see me fall off one of these!”

The president later met with the Harley-Davidson reps to discuss trade and manufacturing policy. He praised the company as “a true American icon, one of the greats.”

“Your motorcycles have carried American service members in the war, and they take care of our police officers,” said Trump.

The president had canceled a Thursday trip to the Harley-Davidson plant in Milwaukee after demonstrators there promised they’d protest against his immigration policies, according to an administration official.

During a press briefing, Trump spokesman Sean Spicer denied that the administration had been concerned about possible protests.

“Look, it was easier for the (Harley-Davidson) executives to come here,” said Spicer. “We looked at different options, and, ultimately the easiest thing to do in accordance with the president’s schedule was to invite them here to Washington to talk about some of the stuff that we’ve been doing.”

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