News Item: (USA) Three years prison for former Hells Angel
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Posted by ace
Friday 30 June 2017 - 21:44:59

A man convicted of threatening his ex-girlfriend while he was serving a prison term for his involvement in illegal drug sales was sentenced to three years in state prison Thursday, according to the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office.

Former Hells Angel Jason Peterson, 43, received 841 days credit for time served and has less than a year remaining in his sentence, according to prosecutors.

In 2008, Peterson started dating a woman who he would date for 10 months during court proceedings related to his involvement in illegal drug sales for the motorcycle group. He reportedly physically, emotionally and verbally abused the woman, and began threatening her after he was taken into custody. Though the woman broke off the relationship in 2011, Peterson refused to believe the relationship was over and continued to threaten her, saying he would kill anyone who came between them, according to prosecutors.

Peterson was subsequently kicked out of the Hells Angels and the woman reported his threats to the Burlingame Police Department in 2015, according to prosecutors.

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