News Item: (AUS) Ex-Mongol bikie jailed for repeated unlicensed driving
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Wednesday 12 July 2017 - 21:39:59

A FORMER patched Mongols bikie has been sentenced to jail by a Gold Coast magistrate for driving twice without a licence after previously being disqualified by a court order.

Southport Magistrates Court heard Raymond Foelz, 27, was a “recidivist offender” and had been sentenced for getting behind the wheel while disqualified on four separate occasions between 2010 and 2015.

He was on Tuesday found guilty of two counts of driving without a license disqualified by a court order after electing to dispute the charges at trial.

The court heard he was disqualified until August this year but had driven on two occasions at Southport in March.

Foelz was sentenced in two separate courts for each offence today.

In sentencing on the first count, Magistrate Mark Howden told Foelz he did not receive any benefit for taking the matters to trial as it showed no “remorse”.

“In my view, you need to be deterred from driving,” he said.

Foelz’s defence lawyer Mollie Roper, of Moloney MacCallum Lawyers, tendered a large pile of positive character references to the court that spoke of the 27-year-old’s “good work ethic” and the fact he financially supported his two young children.

“It is unfortunate to see a family man and someone who is a good person, with good prospects in life before the court for an offence like this,” Mr Howden said.

Magistrate Howden sentenced Foelz to six months’ jail, to be suspended after two months have been served.

Foelz was also disqualified from driving for three years.

During the sentencing for his second charge, Magistrate Andrew Sinclair sentenced him to nine months jail to be served concurrently with the six month sentence.

The nine months jail will be suspended for three years once he is released on parole in September.

Foelz’s sentence came less than a week after he was fined $1000 after buying a stolen BMW, jetski and trailer for $10,000 that were found at a Chevron Island apartment in January.

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