News Item: (USA) Rain brings good and bad for Myrtle Beach Bike Week Spring Rally
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Wednesday 16 May 2018 - 00:35:36

Surfside Beach, SC (WPDE) — A rainy forecast can be good and bad for businesses in the South Strand during the Myrtle Beach Bike Week Spring Rally.

"We're having cancellations for people who were supposed to arrive this week and we're not seeing new reservations coming in to replace those," said Phil Vassar, the general manager for the Surfside Beach Oceanfront Hotel.

The rain can also hurt businesses like Neal and Pam's, across the street from the hotel.

"If the rain persists for three or four days like it did a couple of years ago, it can kind of screw up the week because these trailers start pulling out," said Zach Baker, the owner of Neal and Pam's.

But light rain can be good for some.

"If it rains for just a couple of hours it's awesome. Folks pile in the bar and start spending money and start eating cheeseburgers and drinking liquor," said Baker.

"We have twelve bars on the property, these are full 12 sit down bars and 90 percent of them are under covers. So having weather that could affect us like hurricanes and monsoon rains is not always a problem at my location," said Doyce Heinzmann, the owner of Spokes and Bones.

As for the bikers, they are not too worried about the weather.

"You just got to go with the flow. If it's raining hit the jacuzzis, drive your truck, or you can just ride and tough it out," said Dale Maurer, a biker from Easley, South Carolina.

"I'll just find the local watering hole and hangout for a while," said Jamie Danforth, a biker from Massachusetts.

But that partying can mean dangerous roadways.

"The likelihood of them drinking and then getting on a motorcycle is higher,"said Cpl. Sonny Collins with the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

The rain also makes driving on motorcycles more dangerous.

"Motorcycles, you know, they only have that one head light, they're a little bit harder to see. Then you put on top of that a rainy day with the mist and everything going and it's certainly, it creates hazardous driving," said Collins.

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