News Item: (CAN) Hells Angels to hold annual ‘Field Day’ party in Waterloo
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Friday 03 August 2018 - 23:08:43

The invitation-only event has been held at a private home on Conservation Drive for more than 20 years.

WATERLOO — An annual bash for outlaw bikers is set for later this month at a private property in Waterloo.

The summer Field Day event, which has a long-standing tradition in Waterloo, is a gathering of Hells Angels bikers, their associates and support groups, said Staff Sgt. Jason MacDonald, head of the intelligence unit with Waterloo Regional Police.

The invitation-only event has been held at a private home on Conservation Drive for more than 20 years, say police. In the past, up to 300 bikers have showed up to the party.

"The primary purpose on why we are there is public safety and highway safety," MacDonald said.

Although hundreds of bikers usually converge on the property, there have rarely been issues and police say they don't expect any problems this time either.

"We are not concerned about the party," MacDonald said.

But if there are complaints or anyone who is not invited to the party attends and police are called, "we would attend any call for service like we would for any other citizen."

On Friday 13th at Port Dover, OPP reported that members of the Hells Angels and rival Outlaws came head-to-head in two separate incidents.

Police said there were threats of violence and intimidation between Hells Angels and Outlaw members.

But MacDonald said police do not expect trouble at the local party. It's a gathering of Hells Angels, some who come from other provinces, to hang out together.

"There is not indication that anyone who wasn't invited would show up," he said. "We have no reason to be concerned."

On Aug. 18, local officers and the OPP biker enforcement unit will be monitoring the event. There will be checkpoints on Conservation Drive.

In the past, police have stopped bikers and handed out tickets for offences such as unsafe handlebars, tampering with exhaust baffles and malfunctioning turn signals. The average fine for the violations was about $110.

"People holding the party would be surprised if we didn't show up," MacDonald said.

"We do keep notes on everyone we stop."

MacDonald said police will not be on the property but in the area.

"It is an opportunity to learn more about what they are doing and who they are," he said.

Locally, Kitchener has been an important stronghold of biker activity. It was the home of the Satan's Choice, which became the Hells Angels in a massive patch over in 2000.

In Waterloo Region, there are the Hells Angels in Kitchener and its support club, the Stolen Souls, in Cambridge. The support club also set up a chapter in Brantford.

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