News Item: (USA) Police believe 2 men arrested in fight with Euclid cop are part of Hell's Angels
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Tuesday 04 September 2018 - 22:52:40

EUCLID, Ohio - Willoughby Police believe the two men arrested for fighting with an off-duty Euclid police officer last month are connected to a notorious motorcycle group.

Witnesses told police an argument turned physical and a fight broke out at Frank and Tony’s in downtown Willoughby.

Off-duty Euclid cop Todd Gaunter is in trouble with his department after he allegedly pulled a gun out and pointed it at Dustin Wolf and Bradley Peterson.

Police believe 28-year-old Wolf and 39-year-old Peterson are members of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club.

“This is one of our first incidents. They have been around Lake County for a long time,” said Det Sgt Derrick Stewart, Willoughby Police Department.

Both Peterson and Wolf face a misdemeanor assault charge. They are due in court in mid-September.

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