News Item: (CAN) Men Arrested In Motorcycle Club Raids To Stand Trial In Supreme Court
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Posted by ace
Monday 05 November 2018 - 21:19:26

Two outlaw bikers accused of drug trafficking and taking part in organized crime will be in St. John’s Supreme Court tomorrow for trial.

Shane Peter Leonard and Thomas Snow were on the docket to begin trial this morning. Instead, counsel indicated they were working on an Agreed Statement of Facts in Mr. Leonard’s case, and set over the matter until tomorrow morning.

It’s expected the courts will deal first with Leonard’s case, and then Thomas Snow’s case.

Neither have changed any of their not guilty pleas in connection to the trafficking charges.

Both men were charged in September 2016, following a number of RCMP raids involving members of the Vikings Motorcycle Club. Nearly a dozen men were arrested and charged with drug trafficking and organized crime-related offences.

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