News Item: (UK) Knife attack by 'motorcycle gang' ends with six men in hospital
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Friday 09 November 2018 - 00:57:44

A knife attack in a sleepy Surrey village reportedly by one motorcycle club on another resulted in six men being taken to hospital, police have said.

Armed men wearing balaclavas are said to have burst into a rival biker club's meeting before attacking the members inside.

The aggressors, armed with knives and baseball bats, left four men with multiple stab wounds to the chest and stomach. Two others were also taken to hospital with other injuries.

A resident said they heard motorbikes riding up to the club before the men burst in. After a period of silence, the local said emergency services then arrived.

Surrey Police said in a statement that officers were called to Eastbourne Road in Blindley Heath just after 7.30pm on Wednesday following a report that a group of men had attacked a number people at the Forman Institute.

It was reported that 13 men arrived at the social club with weapons, attacked a number men who were in an out-building at the back of the club, and left heading north on the A22.

As of Thursday morning, three of the men were still in hospital, two are in a serious but stable condition.

No arrests have yet to be made, and Detective Chief Inspector Chris Friday said: "We are in the early stages of our investigation and we are still trying to piece together what has exactly happened. What we do know is that this is an extremely serious incident and we are doing all we can to find those responsible.

"The investigation is well underway and we have officers out in the local area conducting reassurance patrols.

"We understand that this is a concerning incident for local residents but we do not believe there to be a wider threat the public and it is extremely rare for an incident of this nature to occur.

"If you saw something, no matter how small, then please pick up the phone as it could assist our investigation."

Lisa Smith, trustee of the Forman Institute, told Get Surrey the victims were not members of the local biker group.

A spokesman for the Forman Club also said the attack was "separate" from the social club.

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