News Item: (AUS) Finks member Orm Neville Williams admits to stockpiling firearms as part of bikie war
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Thursday 17 January 2019 - 01:37:17

A MEMBER of the Finks has pleaded guilty to stockpiling a cache of prohibited and unregistered shotguns, semi-automatic rifles and ammunition as part of the outlaw motorcycle gang’s ongoing war with the Nomads in 2018.

Orm Neville Williams, 28, of Cardiff South, was represented by solicitor Rob Hussey when he appeared in Newcastle Local Court on Wednesday via audio visual link from Goulburn Correctional Centre charged with 42 offences.

Williams, who made an unsuccessful bid for bail in October, pleaded guilty to possessing more than three unregistered firearms, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail, and a charge of participating in a criminal group and contributing criminal activity.

Another 17 firearm offences relating to the possession and unsafe keeping of shortened pump action shotguns, rifles, semi-automatic rifles and ammunition will be taken into account when Williams is ultimately sentenced in Newcastle District Court.

While the remaining 23 backup offences will be withdrawn when Williams is convicted, the court heard.

The matter was adjourned to Newcastle District Court on January 31 for when Williams to get a sentence date later in the year.

Police had said that Williams was captured on CCTV carrying a “gas cylinder” containing five unregistered firearms into the Kennards self storage units at Cardiff in early June last year.

Strike Force Raptor investigators raided the storage unit and found 10 unregistered firearms, eight of which were prohibited and four that were shortened, including a pump-action shortened shotgun, SKS semi-automatic rifle, semi-automatic shortened rifle, two Ruger mini 14 semi-automatic rifles and other long arms, ammunition and detachable firearm magazines.

It is not believed any of the firearms seized were used in any of the shootings last year as the “civil war” between the Finks and Nomads raged on Hunter streets.

Williams, who had no previous criminal record, was arrested at home on June 14, charged and refused bail.

He made an application for bail on October 31, around the time the prosecution had been served with a firearm certificate that confirmed the guns were unregistered and Williams did not have a permit to possess them.

That left identification as the only issue. But police said Williams picked himself out on CCTV as being the man walking into the storage unit.

Magistrate Robert Stone refused bail, citing the seriousness of the then ongoing bikie war.

“The Finks have been in conflict with the Nomads in the Newcastle and Hunter area and it is in that context that these firearms are being store,” Mr Stone said.

“I cannot have people possessing firearms in our community.”

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