News Item: Bikies refuse to testify over club brawl
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Friday 07 September 2007 - 20:57:25

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Three Coffin Cheaters bikies accused of assaulting bouncers during a brawl outside a nightclub last year declined to give evidence at their trial in Fremantle Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Magistrate Jacqueline Musk will hear closing submissions today and is likely to hand down her verdicts at a later date.

On trial are high-profile bikie Troy Mercanti, 39, of Duncraig, and two Coffin Cheaters mates, Lee Michael Holmes, 27, of Embleton, and Isaac Peter Taylor, 31, of Spearwood.

Mr Holmes, who is alleged to have used a knife to stab three bouncers, has pleaded not guilty to seven charges of unlawful wounding.

Mr Taylor has denied three assault charges and Mr Mercanti has denied two assault charges.

Five bouncers were allegedly attacked and assaulted outside the Harbourside club in Fremantle about 5am on August 5 last year. During the four-day hearing, witnesses have been taken frame-byframe through security vision from inside and outside the nightclub to try to identify who’s who.

The brawl allegedly began after head bouncer Paul Samways told Mr Mercanti that he and his bikie mates could not enter the nightclub because they were wearing club colours. This was said to be against the nightclub’s policy. Mr Taylor is then alleged to have thrown the first punch, hitting Mr Samways in the jaw and knocking out a tooth.

Mr Samways testified that, after being punched by Mr Taylor, he was involved in a fist fight with Mr Mercanti. He claimed to have hit Mr Mercanti a few times but also took a few blows in return.

Bouncer David Mulcahy told the court that he had Mr Mercanti pinned down for about 30 seconds during the brawl. He claimed that he was dragged off by Mr Taylor and, as he was getting up, was stabbed twice in the side of the chest by Mr Holmes. He also said he saw Mr Holmes stab bouncer Peter Davis.

Mr Davis, who was stabbed three times, allegedly by Mr Holmes, said that he did not realise he had been injured until he got back inside the club and did not know how it happened.

Kevin Lloyd testified he was punched but did not know who hit him while Brendan Meagher, who suffered two stab wounds, told the court he had no memory of the incident.

Magistrate Musk rejected submissions by defence lawyers that Mr Mercanti had no case to answer on the charge of assaulting Mr Samways and that Mr Holmes had no case to answer on two charges of stabbing Mr Meagher.

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