News Item: Turf wars re-cycled: Now it's Pagans vs. Outlaws
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Tuesday 09 May 2006 - 02:39:49


The Pagans and Outlaws - the latest combination of competing outlaw motorcycle clubs to spar over Philly's turf - both showed off armies of 100 bikers on the weekend, but averted any conflict, according to law enforcement sources.

On Saturday, the Outlaws threw a party for a prospective chapter in Kensington, inviting 100 Outlaw bikers - most from the east coast - who stopped at favorite biker haunts on South Street and elsewhere, according to biker and law enforcement sources.

Yesterday, more than 100 Pagans, two by two on their Harleys, roared up to Kensington to the Warlocks headquarters, on Frankford Avenue near Norris Street, about a mile, or three minutes, from the Outlaws' site, Somerset Street near Amber.

The Pagans and Warlocks met about two hours to show their alignment against the Outlaws, the sources said.

"The Outlaws are in town, and they're not going anywhere," said a source close to the Outlaws.

"The Pagans chased the Hells Angels out of town. The same thing will happen to the Outlaws," said another source.

The Outlaws are new to town after onetime Warlock Thomas Zaroff, now awaiting sentencing on drug charges, led eight Warlocks to join the Outlaws last fall.

Last Nov. 6, the Pagans, who consider themselves the hometown team, and the Outlaws faced off against each other for 30 tense minutes during the Toys for Tots Run before police broke it up.

After yesterday's meeting with the Warlocks, the Pagans rode down to Cookies Bar, on Oregon near 10th, where the 10th and Oregon Streets gang hangs out.

Members of 10th and Oregon are suspects in the 1999 assassination attempt of Steven "Gorilla" Mondevergine, regional head of the Pagans. Mondevergine, who was shot multiple times, nearly died. No one was arrested in the incident.

During the Pagans' one-hour stop-over, Mondevergine talked intently with non-bikers outside Cookies. Pagans walked inside the bar to show their force to the street gang, according to a biker source. The Pagans ended the run at Oasis Bar, on Essington Avenue near Passyunk.

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