News Item: Trial paints two sides of deadly biker brawl
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Thursday 01 June 2006 - 11:25:50

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Published Thursday, Jun 1, 2006

STOCKTON - Prosecutors say biker Frankie Prater beat and stabbed a 22-year-old man to death two years ago outside a Stockton bar.

But they also want his co-defendant and fellow biker Robert Memory convicted of murder because both wore Jus Brothers Motorcycle Club colors, began swinging knives in the same street fight, and they acted together under the same biker code.

The two are equally guilty of Mark Donahue's murder, San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Kevin Mayo told jurors Wednesday at the trial's close.

"They were backing each other up," Mayo said. "That's what the warrior spirit is all about."

Memory is accused of stabbing and seriously injuring two others in Nov. 5, 2004, brawl. He never touched Donahue, prosecutors agree.

But Prater's defense attorney, Eric Conner, countered that Donahue died while the two bikers defended themselves. The drunken crowd at Shakers, a bar off Country Club Boulevard, singled out the older bikers for their dress and age difference.

Donahue wasn't part of the crowd drinking at the bar throughout the evening. One witness testified he overheard a group of bar patrons plotting to fight the bikers. That group was responsible for starting the fight that left Donahue dead, Conner said.

"Once you decide to hate someone, they become objects," Conner said. "In this case they became playthings; entertainment for the evening."

Jurors seated before Superior Court Judge Linda L. Lofthus are expected to begin deliberations today to decide the fates of Memory, 35, and Prater, 38. Derek Scott and Jeremy Miller were also stabbed in the melee but survived their injuries.

According to trial testimony, Donahue arrived at Shakers amid a yelling match that had already started between a drunken group of young men and the two bikers. It's unclear exactly how Donahue got involved in the fight, but suddenly the unarmed man found himself facing Prater, who first pulled out a flashlight and then a knife.

Donahue, Scott and Miller were stabbed in the melee. Prater and Memory sped away on their motorcycles as Donahue bled to death in the street from a stab wound to his chest and other injuries.

Mayo said the Jus Brothers, who harbor rivalries against other bikers and support the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, relish a criminal lifestyle and were known to carry knives like the one that killed Donahue, Mayo said.

"They escalated it when they pulled out weapons," he said, adding that the knives were never recovered.

Conner said Memory and Prater were justified when they struck back with deadly force because some 20 others in a "drunken, hateful mob" surrounded them. The two that night each fought from their "own separate hell," Conner said.

"Mark Donahue decided to get involved," Conner said. "He got into the mix with a disregard for the outcome."

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