News Item: Former officer accused of sexually assaulting teen makes court appearance
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Sunday 04 June 2006 - 11:08:01

A former officer accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy could go to prison for life. That's what we learned Friday morning when Shawn Shelton made his first appearance in a Las Vegas courtroom.

Prosecutors say he's a threat to this community, given the serious crimes he's accused of. They say Shelton posed as a police officer -- then raped a teenage boy.

Friday he faced a judge for the first time. The former officer, turned defendant, appeared in court via closed circuit TV Friday morning.

Shelton, who used to work as a police officer in southern California, is accused of kidnapping and raping a 14 year old boy here in Las Vegas in May.

Prosecutors say Shelton flashed a badge to the boy, who was waiting at an eastside bus stop. Investigators say he then lured the boy into his hummer, handcuffed him and sexually assaulted him.

They say that he told the boy that he was investigating a crime and used fear and intimidation to get the boy into his vehicle.

After detectives a sketch to the public -- police arrested Shelton in southern California last week. He was extradited to Las Vegas Thursday.

Shelton's public defender at first asked the judge to set bail at $25,000 -- but prosecutors didn't like that idea.

The defendant fled the state and had to be extradited, so with that in mind, the judge decided to set Shelton's bail at $2 million, meaning he will likely be staying behind bars.

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