News Item: Officer's reckless driving charge dropped
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Sunday 04 June 2006 - 11:14:02

A police officer fired last fall for speeding unnecessarily to a traffic stop has beaten a reckless-driving charge. He remains charged with witness-tampering, however.

Police Chief Martin Dunn fired Officer Aaron DeBoisbriand, 23, of Hollis, in November after concluding DeBoisbriand had driven more than 90 mph down River Street in a police cruiser unnecessarily.

"While such behavior may warrant criticism and may justify departmental disciplinary action, it has no bearing on the legal standard as applied," Judge Phillips Runyon ruled in Peterborough-Jaffrey District Court last month. "The defendant's speed alone, without other circumstances creating a hazard to the defendant or others, cannot serve as the basis for reckless driving."

DeBoisbriand was sitting in his cruiser on Oct. 13 when he heard a call that another officer was making a traffic stop about a half-mile away, according to court records. The records said DeBoisbriand decided to assist and sped away, reaching speeds of up to about 93 mph.

The speed limit in the area is 50 mph.

Officer Joseph Hileman testified that DeBoisbriand was not driving erratically, but fast and without lights or siren.
A felony charge of witness-tampering is pending against DeBoisbriand in Cheshire County Superior Court. He is accused of trying to get a witness to withhold testimony related to the reckless-driving charge.

DeBoisbriand declined to comment. His lawyer, Eric Wilson, said, "Given the nature of the complaint, I think the judge made the correct decision." Wilson declined to elaborate.

Dunn told the Keene Sentinel the reckless-driving charge was warranted.

"When a public official breaks the law, whether he is behind the wheel of a police vehicle or stealing from the town coffers, he should be held accountable," he said.

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