News Item: SUV seen near scene of biker slayings
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Tuesday 06 June 2006 - 11:14:56

Toronto Star

SUV seen near scene of biker slayings
Jun. 6, 2006. 01:00 AM

The Ontario Provincial Police are asking for the public's help in finding a mystery sport utility vehicle, nearly two months after the slaying of eight Bandidos bikers.

As part of their investigation, the OPP have been canvassing the St. Thomas area where the bodies were discovered, said Const. Michelle Scott.

In doing so, they learned from local residents of an unrecognized mid- to late-90s red SUV, possibly a GMC Jimmy, which was seen in the Municipality of Dutton-Dunwich a week before and after the massacre, said Scott.

"This is a normal part of the investigation," she added.

"In any investigation, you have things that you are following."

The murders were brought to light when a local man stumbled upon three cars and a tow truck while on an early morning walk April 8.

The bodies of eight Toronto-area men, members and associates of the Bandidos motorcycle gang, were found.

Three people are facing eight charges of first-degree murder in the case and two people are facing charges of accessory after the fact.

The OPP is not pursuing any other suspects in the case, nor do they believe any more victims will be found in the red SUV, said Scott.

The hunt for the SUV is the beginning of a long investigation, she added.The massacre is believed to have taken place at a Bandidos member's London-area farm following a $400,000 cocaine ripoff that left three Bandidos shot dead before their bodies were stuffed into cars that were driven into a field.

It is believed five other Bandidos arrived at the farm separately later that night, only to be killed and their bodies disposed of in a similar fashion.

The discovery of the bikers' bodies captured the world's attention as the worst single-incident mass murder in Ontario history.

Facing eight charges each of first-degree murder are Wayne Earl Kellestine, 56, of Dutton, Ont.; Frank Mather, 32, who lived with Kellestine; and Brett Gardiner, 21, of no fixed address.

Kerry Morris, 46, of Mitchell, near Stratford, and Eric Niessen, 45, of Monkton, also near Stratford, face charges of accessory after the fact.

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