News Item: Fear of biker gangs' clash
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Wednesday 07 June 2006 - 20:00:38

TROUBLE is feared as the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang descends on to the patch of their rivals, the Outlaws MC, in Riber this weekend.
Bikers from the Ashfield Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club visit Riber Castle for the group's 20th anniversary party tomorrow and will camp for the entire weekend on what is considered to be the Outlaws Motorcycle Club's patch.

Police say they are stationing offucers at the outdoor bash because of the potential for trouble, but residents don't think they are doing enough.

A Riber homeowner who did not want to be named said: "I'm so frightened that I'm not going to go out all weekend, even for a pint of milk.

"Everyone here is very worried about it, it's disgraceful, I don't know how a police unit with two police men are going to stop 500 outlaws."

A man who did not wish to be named, but who intimated knowledge of gang rivalry, said: "I tried all day to call Matlock police on Tuesday but couldn't get through.

"I'm not sure they are taking this seriously enough.

"They are rival motorcycle organisations, it could be it will all go off ok but there is the chance of trouble."

Another man who did not want to be named confirmed: "They are rivals.

"I know a band who played at a gig for the Outlaws and the following week played for the Hells Angels and they were not happy about that – they don't like sharing."

Inspector Paul Corton of Matlock police said officers would be stationed in a mobile unit in Riber during the weekend.

He said: "We are obviously aware there is rivalry and we have known that right from day one.

"If this was just a private party we wouldn't be policing it, but we know there is this historic rivalry and that is why we are stationing a mobile unit there over the weekend.

"But we have no information or intelligence to suggest there is going to be conflict between the Outlaws and the Hell's Angels and there hasn't been that we have been aware of for a very long time."

He also added that police officers will be present in the village and the 'B' Division Mobile Police Station will be parked in Riber as a central point for people to contact with any concerns.

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