News Item: OPP probing link to Manitoba bikers
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Thursday 08 June 2006 - 11:09:13

The London Free Press
Thu, June 8, 2006

Ontario Provincial Police investigators were in Winnipeg yesterday looking into a possible link between Manitoba Bandidos and the slaying of eight of their gang brothers in Dutton-Dunwich April 8.

The London-area killings were the worst massacre in modern Ontario history.

Winnipeg police are helping the OPP with the interview process and say other police forces in Canada and the U.S. are also helping.

A Winnipeg police spokesperson couldn't say what possible link may exist, but said all members of the Manitoba Bandidos chapter would be interviewed.

Police also reminded the public they're still on the lookout for a red SUV that may have damage on one side and may be connected to the killings.

Sun Media has reported the vehicle may have Manitoba plates, but police would not confirm that.

OPP said this week the SUV has become a possible clue in their investigation of the dead bikers found stuffed into vehicles near Shedden.

On April 9, police raided a nearby farmhouse owned by longtime biker Wayne Kellestine. He and four others were arrested and charged in connection with the killings.

Several residents in the Dutton-Dunwich area reported seeing a vehicle, described as a mid- to late-'90s red SUV, in the area before the massacre.

The SUV was seen in the area in the last week of March and first week of April.

Other links between the Ontario Bandidos chapter and Manitoba, home of Los Montoneros, a puppet club of the Bandidos, include:

- Five men from Winnipeg, possibly bikers, were in the area with Kellestine days before the massacre, one resident has said.

- Wayne Kellestine's right-hand man, Londoner David Weiche, moved to Winnipeg about three months before the massacre.

- Some of the five people accused of the murders told a source bikers with Winnipeg links were involved.

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