News Item: Angels making inroads
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Thursday 08 June 2006 - 18:14:12

The Hells Angels are stretching their tentacles across the province, according to a report by Criminal Intelligence Service Alberta.

"The Alberta Nomads and the Edmonton and Calgary Hells Angels chapters are expanding their influence with the establishment of support clubs around the province," says the CISA annual report. "The Hells Angels are reputed to have control over much of the production and trafficking of methamphetamine within Alberta and the Northwest Territories."

"They traditionally use puppet clubs to expand," said an RCMP biker expert, who didn't want to be identified. "They get smaller gangs doing their dirty work."

So-called puppet clubs include the Death's Hand and Red Demons.

"They assume all the risk and the big guys get all the reward," said the RCMP biker source. "They don't dare squeal."

He said most of the Hells Angels try to keep a low profile.

"They want to be good corporate citizens and sanitize their image."

CISA also says several new organized crime groups have been reported in eastern Alberta, one based in Fort McMurray and one in the east central area between Lloydminster and Provost.

The Fort McMurray group is supported by the Calgary and Edmonton chapters of the Hells Angels and is "reported to be the dominant organization in their area," CISA said.

Edmonton Sun

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