News Item: Former CEO of Canadian Professional Police Association Named FacePrint Global Solutions' International Security and Business Development Advisor
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Monday 19 June 2006 - 13:18:52

FRESNO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 06/19/2006 -- The former CEO of the Canadian Professional Police Association (CPPA) and one of North America's leading crime victims' advocates has been named International Security and Business Development Advisor of FacePrint Global Solutions (FGS) (OTCBB: FCPG). Scott Newark is a former Alberta Crown prosecutor designated as a specialist in prosecuting the most serious crimes, including biker gang prosecutions. Mr. Newark also developed a national reputation for asking blunt questions of authorities in assisting crime victims to get to the truth. In 1992 Mr. Newark launched the Canadian Resource Center for Victims of Crime with the CPPA. During that time his efforts led to a series of practical and effective criminal justice reforms, including Canada's groundbreaking DNA databank legislation, a vital tool now being used by police in apprehending repeat sex offenders.

"EZ-FACE is a superb technological tool that will help law enforcement in suspect identification, locating missing kids and a host of other applications where recognizing and correctly identifying the bad guy is the public safety goal," said Mr. Newark.

EZ-FACE is a state-of-the-art 3D facial imagery software that allows users to generate and codify faces directly from a single picture or a database of facial elements. EZ-FACE is also the world's first Internet-accessible law enforcement-dedicated composite picture software. The product is currently in its final phase of development.

Mr. Newark, who has been a policy advisor to various Canadian governments and officials, was the first civilian CEO of the CPPA between 1994 and 1998. The CPPA is Canada's largest police union, representing about 55,000 frontline police officers. He also served as Special Counsel of Ontario Office for Victims of Crime between 1998 and 2004.

Between 2002 and 2004, Mr. Newark was Ontario's Special Security Advisor to the Minister of Public Safety and Security, where he was responsible for the creation of that province's Counter Terrorism Agenda and the Security Perimeter Strategy. In 2005 Mr. Newark was named interim Director of Operations for the Investigative Project on Terrorism in Washington D.C. Following that, on behalf of the union representing Canada's border guards, he conducted a detailed on-site analysis of security deficiencies at Canada's ports of entry and co-authored "A View From the Frontlines," which detailed the need for Canadian border guards to be armed (announced by the new Canadian government earlier this year).

Since the election of a new Canadian government in January 2006, Mr. Newark has provided policy and operational advice to the Canadian government in matters of criminal justice reform, border security, immigration screening and enforcement, critical infrastructure protection, technology deployment and other matters of public safety and security.

"Scott Newark is a tireless advocate for a safer world, and his concern for crime victims is renowned," said FGS Business Development Director Serge Carrier. "We are proud to have him working with us."

About FacePrint Global Solutions, Inc.: FGS marshals the considerable talent and experience of its high-tech team of professionals towards the creation of imaginative technology solutions to address the critical needs in facial recognition related to identity verification, crime-prevention and worldwide efforts against terrorism. FGS is developing a new methodology and industry standard called the "E-DNA Bioprint Coding Systemâ„¢," for the transmission of data related to individual faces. Grounded in biometrics, FGS's solutions encompass a unique composite-picture driven facial recognition system, as presently demanded by both the private and public sectors. FGS's goal is to become a major provider of technologies, applications and products for identity authentication and validation. FGS is headquartered in Fresno, California.

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