News Item: Bandidos take hit
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Tuesday 20 June 2006 - 08:31:17

The arrest of three leading Bandidos will slow down -- but not cripple -- business for the local chapter of the outlaw motorcycle gang, a trio of men familiar with the Winnipeg biker scene told the Sun.

"We'd be foolish to think they'll roll up their blankets and disappear," said a person familiar with the Winnipeg gang scene.

Local Bandidos president Michael Sandham, 36, member Dwight Mushey, 36, and "striker" Marcelo Aravena were arrested Thursday evening and Friday morning by a joint Winnipeg-Ontario Provincial Police operation.

First-degree murder

The three men are charged with eight counts of first-degree murder in connection with the massacre of eight Ontario Bandidos last April.

The Texas-based gang hit a snag in February 2005 when seven hopefuls -- Ron Burling, 36, John Adam Curwin, 23, Daniel Pereira, 23, Jason Michel, 24, Billy Joe Ducharme, 23, David Rink and Daniel Blair -- were each charged with two counts of kidnapping, extortion and aggravated assault.

Burling is in Edmonton serving an eight-year sentence on unrelated charges, while Curwin, Ducharme, Pereira and Michel are in custody in Winnipeg awaiting trial. Blair and Rink are free on bail.

"Those guys being eliminated from the street during the formation time didn't stop the Bandidos from attracting more people," said a source who wished to remain anonymous.

"Someone will always step forward to fill the void. No matter who has to be replaced, somebody will always step forward."

The arrests of three prominent Hells Angels -- president Ernie Dew, plus members Ian Grant and Jeff Peck -- has not put the local chapter of the world's largest outlaw motorcycle gang out of business.

"Gangs are like an octopus," said a person close to the biker scene. "You cut off a tentacle and another one grows. The Winnipeg Bandido chapter is a tentacle. The head is in Corpus Christi, Texas."

The trio of Sun sources agreed Sandham and Dew could continue running their respective gangs from behind bars or have a trusted comrade run things.

If convicted, Sandham is looking at a minimum of 25 years while Dew is awaiting trial on three charges of trafficking cocaine.

The Hells still have 11 members on the street. It's unknown how many Bandidos affiliates are not in jail.

"There will be a head check on who can be brought on," said a Sun source. "You can be sure they'll hear something from Corpus Christi."

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