News Item: Undercover work led to officer's drug habit: Lawyer
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Tuesday 20 June 2006 - 14:52:11

Toronto Star

BARRIE—A police officer who infiltrated the Hells Angels became so addicted to cocaine, alcohol and marijuana that he cracked under the strain of life undercover, a court has heard.

Former Ontario Provincial Police Det. Const. Scott Duguid, 35, who pleaded guilty to breach of trust last August, started using drugs because of the risks of trying to fool members of the notorious motorcycle gang, his lawyer Harry Black told Duguid's sentencing hearing yesterday.

"He was forced to take drugs to preserve his identity," Black told Justice Joseph Wilson in the Ontario Court of Justice

Duguid was physically ill and his marriage was falling apart from the stress of his double, sometimes triple life, said Black.

The officer realized he was out of his depth and appealed to his OPP superiors for help, but was told to carry on because the OPP "had never got so close to the Hells Angels before," said Black.

During Duguid's trial in August, court heard he fed information about the location of marijuana crops to two men in September 2003 so they could harvest the crops before police raids.

Duguid, whose father and grandfather were both OPP officers — his grandfather was assistant commissioner of the force — managed the Huronia Combined Force Drug Enforcement Unit's program to search and destroy outdoor marijuana.

He was caught when police intercepted calls about drug locations between Duguid and brothers Jody Proctor, 27, and Jamie Proctor, 29. In another conversation caught on tape, the brothers made reference to paying Duguid $1,000 for helping them.

Black said Duguid, who resigned from the OPP in January, was grooming Jody Proctor as a possible informant but handled it badly.

"His thinking was so skewed from taking the drugs and the pressure that he made a horrifically bad judgment," said Black.

Some of Duguid's former colleagues in the OPP are expected to testify later this week as his sentencing hearing continues.

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