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Wednesday 21 June 2006 - 10:58:01

Edmonton Sun

Reports identifying a man gunned down outside a south-side pub as a biker gang "hang around" have raised the ire of a man claiming to be affiliated with the Hells Angels in Toronto.

"If this turns out that the man was the victim of a shooting that has absolutely nothing to do with Hells Angels, are you going to report that?" Bill Paide demanded in an e-mail to the Sun. Paide claims to be the webmaster for, a website devoted to "bikers who believe in freedom of association."

"It seems we can't even bury a man who is an innocent victim without (the media) giving a forum to those that make their lucrative living trashing us," the e-mail said.

The website has several articles charging police corruption and suggesting that cops scare the public and politicians into giving them bigger budgets by portraying bikers, and the Hells Angels in particular, as terrifying criminal bogeymen.

Michael Robert Rieger, 37, of Surrey, B.C., was shot dead early Sunday outside the Kings Knight Pub at 92 Street and 34 Avenue.

A police biker expert said Rieger was a Hells Angels affiliate, or "hang around," who was in Edmonton for some local drag races. The expert said the Angels have a couple of drag racing teams, who travel a circuit for much of the summer.

Several men wearing Hells Angels vests were questioned by police at the scene of the shooting. The biker expert suggested there could be numerous reasons for a "hang around" to get killed, most of which have to do with the drug trade.

"Ask your unnamed source just how big a police budget he's shooting for," the e-mail suggested.

The website also urges visitors to "support the big red machine, Hells Angels, Toronto, Ontario, Canada."

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