News Item: Drive-By Shooting In Kerrville
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Posted by MJF
Wednesday 21 June 2006 - 11:12:19

Police are investigating a shootout in Kerrville -- southwest of Austin. The Banditos Motorcycle Gang is the alleged target.

Now police are looking for suspects and a motive.

Kerrville police say someone driving a white Suburban by the Banditos headquarters opened fire. Witnesses say one of the members was standing outside and returned fire.

The news has shocked residents in Kerrville.

"I think it's crazy. This is Kerrville. You're not expecting that kind of stuff," Kerrville resident Jimmy Wallace said.

"They (the Banditos) come into my work. They're polite people, never heard any trouble," Kerrville resident Bill Bunker said.

The Banditos president claims no one from his club was involved in the shooting.

But police say one of the club members got into an accident chasing the shooters and may have lost his 9mm handgun.

Police say that's the same kind of weapon that was used in the shoot out.

No one was hurt. The suspected shooter is still on the loose.

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