News Item: Local gang working with Hells Angels
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Wednesday 21 June 2006 - 11:16:55

The Brooks Bulletin

Rob Brown
Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mayor Don Weisbeck says there are no simple answers to dealing with the drug problem in the City of Brooks.

Spurred by incidents such as the recent shooting in the south east sector of Brooks and numerous reported knife incidents, Weisbeck wrote last week in the pages of The Weekender about a contingent of Hells Angels members who he says were in Brooks on June 2. This was confirmed by the Brooks RCMP.

Weisbeck said that a show of 40-odd members of the group gives a clear indication of their presence and activity in Brooks.

“All this just underlines that we have a drug problem in our community,” he said.

Weisbeck said the visible presence of the Hells Angels simply confirms what many have known for years – that Brooks is a lucrative market for drug traffickers.

Brooks RCMP Sgt. Greg Ericson said that they are aware of a Hells Angels puppet club in Brooks.

“There is a club and the Hells Angels were showing support for that group when they stopped here.”

“The reality is that we do have organized crime,” he said.

Ericson said the Brooks RCMP are working to counteract the drug problem in Brooks with education and enforcement. He said that public input was also needed by the RCMP.

“However, there are reasons why people do not want to become involved, such as fear of retribution,” he said.

“It shows how important this market is. There are no puppet clubs to the Hells Angels in even larger communities,” said Weisbeck referring to the Angels affiliation with what he calls a Brooks local gang who is working with the Hells Angels.

He said, like terrorists, the Hells Angels work on fear and intimidation in communities.

“We have to acknowledge and stand up to this menace.”

For the second year in a row, Brooks has been highlighted in Criminal Intelligence Service Alberta’s (CISA) annual report, with respect to a crack cocaine distribution network.

“Anyone who thinks we do not have a drug problem in our community is out of touch with reality,” said Weisbeck.

He said Brooks is a centre for organized crime.

“I think the very fact that Brooks has a Hells Angels puppet club underlines how important Brooks is to organized crime,” he said.

He said the answers are not simple and that the apparent emergence of organized crime is not something that can be dealt with individually.

Weisbeck pointed to work being done to establish drug free zones throughout the Brooks community and the work the city, the RCMP and Grasslands Schools are doing to help establish a school resource officer as positive steps the community is taking towards fighting drugs in Brooks.

“This morning I met with Colleen Klein’s crystal meth group to discuss preventative moves communities can make,” he said Monday.

“First, it is a matter of us gathering together, admitting there is a problem and dealing with it,” said Weisbeck.

He hinted at a potential ban of certain motorcycle colors in Brooks.

“However, this certainly won’t solve the problem,” he said.

Weisbeck said that a community demand of RCMP could make the issue more of a priority

“If the community demands this is a priority, we will get a response,” he said.

Ericson said the solutions will not come over night.

“Improvements take time. You just don’t eliminate this overnight. They come here and we have to deal with it.”

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