News Item: Bike chief explosives charges dropped
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Posted by MJF
Wednesday 21 June 2006 - 11:20:34

The Daily Telegraph

June 21, 2006

PROSECUTORS today dropped explosives charges against a Perth bikie club president, telling a court it was no longer in the public interest to proceed with a trial.

Club Deroes chief Phillip William Rowles was due to face a two-day trial in the WA District Court on one charge of making or possessing explosives under suspicious circumstances, in November 2004.

However, prosecutor Simon Formby told the court the state wished to discontinue the charge because it was not in the public's interest to proceed.

Recent changes to the WA criminal code meant the charge could be dealt with summarily rather than as an indictment, he said.

Outside the court, Mr Formby said it was purely an administrative decision and Mr Rowles could still face similar charges in a magistrate's court.

Mr Rowles did not appear in court today.

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