News Item: Bandidos lawyer up
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Thursday 22 June 2006 - 11:11:27


ST. THOMAS, Ont. -- All three Winnipeg Bandidos suspects have lawyers -- and one of them says he knows of one potential witness who has found a lawyer, too.

Daniel Brodsky, a Toronto lawyer who appeared yesterday for Marcello Aravena, 30, said he has spoken to an unnamed lawyer representing an unnamed witness.


Brodsky said the lawyer "came out of the woodwork" during his own preliminary investigation into the deaths of eight Bandidos bikers in Elgin County on Apr. 8.

"Don't you ever watch the Sopranos?" Brodsky asked. "Lots of times people don't know what their spouses are doing, what their boyfriends and girlfriends are doing and they go get some legal advice.

"Because the last thing in the world you want to do is say something or do something when you've not been in any way involved that makes you look involved," he said. "That's what's going on in at least one person's case."

All three men, who appeared briefly by video yesterday, face eight counts of first-degree murder. Brodsky was the only defence lawyer who appeared in person.

He told Justice of the Peace Jack Carroll he and his father, prominent Winnipeg criminal lawyer Greg Brodsky, represent Aravena. Aravena's next video appearance was set for July 6.

Michael Sandham, the ex-Winnipeg area police officer, and Dwight Mushey, both 36, appeared yesterday from Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre as well. An officer at the jail indicated Sandham was in protective custody.

The Bandidos "are now defunct," Ontario's top biker cop said yesterday after four Ontario members of the motorcycle gang were charged with second-degree murder.

"Finally it is our belief, with the arrests of today, and the subsequent arrests for the slayings in Shedden, that the Bandidos no longer exist in Ontario," said Det. Insp. Don Bell, of the Biker Enforcement Unit.

The four Ontario Bandidos members are charged in the murder of Shawn Douse, 35, a reputed cocaine dealer.

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