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Thursday 22 June 2006 - 15:11:35

WHITBY -- The Bandidos "are now defunct," Ontario's top biker cop said yesterday after four members of the motorcycle gang were charged with second-degree murder.

"It is our belief, with the arrests of today, and the subsequent arrests for the slayings in Shedden, that the Bandidos no longer exist in Ontario," said Det. Insp. Don Bell, of the province's Biker Enforcement Unit.

The four Ontario Bandidos members are charged in the murder of Shawn Douse, 35, a married father of two from Keswick.

Douse's body was discovered Dec. 8 , 2005, beaten and burned in a Pickering woodlot near York-Durham Town Line and Concession Road 7. Police said two suspects, Cameron Acorn, 25, a full- patch member of the Bandidos, and Randolph Brown, 35, an associate, were already in custody on unrelated charges.

Acorn is in Penetanguishene and Brown in Lindsay.

A third man, Pierre (Carlito) Aragon, 24, of Oakville, a full-patch member, was arrested Tuesday near Kipling Avenue and The Queensway in Etobicoke.

Police have issued a Canada-wide warrant for the arrest of the fourth man, Robert (Bobby) Quinn, 26, a Bandidos prospect member whom Kleum said fled to the Nelson, B.C. area shortly after the slaying.

Durham police Det-Sgt. Rolf Kleum alleged the men set up a meeting with Douse at the Keswick home of Jamie Flanz. Flanz was one of eight men found murdered in the Shedden massacre on April 8 in what Bell at the time called an "internal cleansing" of the Bandidos motorcycle gang.

"They encouraged him (Douse) to come to a meeting," Kleum alleged, explaining Douse had been involved in the cocaine trade in the Georgina and Keswick area the accused men frequented.

"He (Douse) was doing his thing in the Keswick area and was crossing paths with them on a regular basis," said Kleum. "They (allegedly) had a beef with him."

Kleum confirmed that Durham investigators had tailed several of the Bandidos members involved in the Douse murder investigation to the "church meeting" held at Wayne Kellestine's farmhouse near Shedden.

"As a result of our investigation into the Bandidos members, we were gathering intelligence information continually during the time of the Shedden incident," said Kleum. "We don't have any information that there is a causal link between what occurred in (Durham) and what occurred in Shedden."

Bell said the Bandidos colours have been pulled and there are only two major biker gangs left in the province -- the Outlaws and the Hells Angels.

Both of those gangs will be celebrating "national runs" in the Windsor/Detroit area this weekend.

Hells chapters from across Canada will be heading to Windsor, while in Detroit the Outlaws American chapters and possibly some Ontario chapters will hold their U.S. national run party, complete with a boat cruise of the Detroit River.
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