News Item: Hells Angels colours case stayed
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Thursday 22 June 2006 - 16:04:53

The case against seven men charged with wearing Hells Angels gang colours in a Winnipeg restaurant was stayed by the Crown yesterday.

Danny Lawson, Robert Peterson, Jeffrey Turkula, Timothy Panetta, Douglas Myles, Lance Klein, and Larry Pooler were ticketed in July and August of 2003 with violating section 120 (9) of the Liquor Control Act. Under the act, it is an offence to wear gang colours in a licensed premises.

In prosecuting the case, the Crown would have had to call several expert witnesses to testify about the operations of the Hells Angels, said Don Slough, director of appeals and special prosecutions.

Slough said those same issues are expected to be argued at the trial of Hells Angel Ian Grant, one of 13 people arrested last February in a joint police undercover sting dubbed Operation Defence.

“It’s a better use of our resources to focus on the criminal charge,” Slough said. “There’s never been anything like this in Manitoba before and we thought the better place to litigate it was at a criminal trial.”

Peterson, Pooler and Myles — all from Toronto — were en route to the gang's national gathering (Canada Run) in White Rock, B.C.

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