News Item: Busts eradicate Bandidos in Ontario: Biker cop
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Thursday 22 June 2006 - 20:31:17

Durham Region

Busts eradicate Bandidos in Ontario: Biker cop
Hells Angels show force in Durham Thursday

Jun 22, 2006
By Jeff Mitchell
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DURHAM -- This week's arrest of murder suspects by Durham homicide cops has effectively killed the Bandidos gang in Ontario, says the head of the OPP's biker squad.

"It's our belief, based on our sources, the Bandidos have ceased to exist in Ontario," Detective Inspector Don Bell said Thursday.

On Wednesday police here announced the arrest of three men in connection with the December, 2005 murder of Keswick resident Shawn Douse, whose battered and burned body was found in a remote field in Pickering. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a fourth suspect.

All four men -- Cameron Acorn of Keswick, Pierre Aragon of Oakville, Randolph Brown of Jackson's Point and Robert "Bobby" Quinn, formerly of Keswick -- have ties to the Bandidos, police said.

The gang, which had infiltrated Ontario from the United States, was decimated by the slaughter in April of eight members or associates and the arrest of several suspects with ties to the gang. This weeks' arrests dealt the club the final blow, Insp. Bell said.

The Bandidos, like other outlaw gangs, are involved in drugs and other illegal activity, Det.-Insp. Bell said. Police said this week Mr. Douse's death was drug related.

"Any time we remove an organization like this ... it makes the community safer," Det.-Insp. Bell said.

Meanwhile, Durham police stopped about 20 members of the Hells Angels as they rumbled along Hwy. 401 in Oshawa Thursday morning.

The bikers were directed off westbound Hwy. 401 at Harmony Road and checked for criminal warrants and Highway Traffic Act infractions, Sergeant Paul McCurbin said.

"It's my understanding they are from somewhere in the province of Ontario and they were travelling through Durham Region," he said.

Gang members, wearing their distinctive colours, pulled off the road and stood by their bikes as police checked each rider.

It's a tactic Durham cops have used in the past in response to a significant show of force by bikers.

"They're identified gang members travelling through our region," Sgt. McCurbin said. "If they're identified by our officers they will be stopped."

Sgt. McCurbin wasn't aware of any charges laid during the stop.

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