News Item: Cop firing possible over leak
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Saturday 24 June 2006 - 17:03:55

WINNIPEG -- The officer or officers who lost some papers containing delicate information related to the recent bust of three Winnipeg Bandidos should have no fear of losing their jobs any time soon, says one of Winnipeg's deputy police chiefs.

While dismissal is a possible penalty for discreditable conduct or neglect of duty, deputy chief Menno Zacharias said the officer or officers involved have yet to be charged with any wrongdoing, let alone convicted of it.

"The range of penalties is admonishment to dismissal, so you can't say (dismissal) isn't possible, but perhaps the issue of probability is another thing," said Zacharias.

"I simply can't say what the penalty might be ... there can't be a predisposition of what the penalty might be until there is a charge and a hearing."

Zacharias said the Winnipeg police professional standards unit is looking into the events leading to a passerby picking up sensitive police documents outside the downtown Winnipeg police station and handing them over to CBC.

He said investigators believe they know how the papers got there, but have yet to speak to the person who found them.

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