News Item: Police wary as 500 Hells Angels meet in Windsor
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Saturday 24 June 2006 - 17:13:18

Police in Windsor, Ont. aren't expecting trouble from the 500 members of the Hells Angels who have gathered in Essex County this weekend for the motorcycle club's annual meeting.

Extra officers have been brought in, however, and the Ontario Provincial Police's Biker Enforcement Unit will be helping patrol local streets, said Staff Sgt. Ed McNorton, according to reports.

The bikers have gathered in Amherstburg, located about 30 kilometres south of Windsor.

Police are expecting many of the bikers to boldly wear their colours around town, but have assured local residents they have the situation under control, and public security is their top priority.

During large-scale Hells Angels gatherings in the past, police tactics have included road spot checks on people entering clubhouses.

Police say business owners who do not want Angels on their property should call the authorities if there is a confrontation.

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