News Item: Chief worries about rise in outlaw clubs
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Saturday 24 June 2006 - 17:14:35

LACONIA - Bike Week was comparatively trouble-free this year, but police Chief Tom Oetinger says growing attendance by members of outlaw motorcycle clubs concerns him for the future.
"As the number of these individuals at this event continues to grow, so do the amount of reported incidents involving members of these groups," Oetinger told the city police commission. The potential for trouble from outlaw gangs - those with histories of being involved in drug sales and other crimes - "directly affects the safety of visitors" and could affect Bike Week’s future, Oetinger said in his three-page report presented Thursday.

He said a "short confrontation" between police and 15 to 18 Hells Angels on June 17 highlighted the potential danger. Police noted that a 20-year-old biker drinking at a bar accosted him.

"The other members of the club initially refused to allow their compatriot to be detained and additional police had to be called to the scene to ensure orderly compliance of the arrest," Oetinger said.

That incident notwithstanding, the June 10-18 rally "was extremely successful from a public safety perspective," he said.

He said arrests by city police fell for the third year in a row to 153, down from 175 last year. Summonses also fell, from 255 last year to 184.

The number of calls for service was up, however, from 485 to 497, as was the number of accidents, 23 to 39. Elsewhere in the state, 10 bikers died in accidents, counting three in one accident on June 9.

Oetinger said the high visibility of his officers helped keep the rally orderly. He said strict enforcement of drinking and disorderly behavior laws, begun four years ago, also seems to be paying dividends.

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