News Item: Warren men instigate brawl
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Monday 26 June 2006 - 21:00:45

Bikers charged following fracas
Michigan man injured by beer bottle

Windsor Star
Published: Monday, June 26, 2006

A national Hells Angels weekend bash in Windsor ended early for four members of the outlaw club who were arrested following a fight outside a west-end strip club early Saturday.

Police officers on stepped-up patrol across the city during the bikers' anniversary visit spotted a gathering of Hells Angels and others in the Leopard's Lounge parking lot at about 2:24 a.m., with a young man on the ground. After investigating, police arrested four Hells Angels -- a club prospect and three full-patch members -- from Ontario and Alberta and charged them with assault.

Three of four young Michigan men involved in the fracas were given first aid at the scene and were released while the fourth was taken to hospital for stitches to close a head wound caused by a broken beer bottle, Windsor police said.

The incident "flies in the face" of the club's public relations message that those attending a Windsor gathering were simply motorcycle enthusiasts getting together for a weekend of fun, said OPP Det. Insp. Don Bell, head of the province's Biker Enforcement Unit (BEU).

He said the arrests prove "they're not the community-minded individuals they portray themselves to be."

The incident began inside the bar when a biker allegedly approached one of the Michigan men and accused him of insulting one of the bar's exotic dancers, police said.


Staff Sgt. Gord Purdy of the Windsor police criminal investigation division said about 40 Hells Angels were present and that the bikers followed the four Warren men after they fled outside.

The four bikers arrested and charged appeared late Saturday afternoon before a London judge via video before being released on conditions not to associate with each other or other Hells Angels.

Charged with assault with a weapon -- a beer bottle -- is Robin Moulton, 37, of Toronto, while Lee Lepoidvin, 35, and James Wright, 31, both of Edmonton, were each charged with two counts of assault.

Christopher McDougall, 44, of Kitchener, was charged with assault.

Windsor police Supt. Dave Pickford said Wright is a Hells Angels prospect while the other three are full-patch members.

Windsor lawyer Gary Klein, who represented the Hells quartet Saturday, said his clients' version of the incident differs from that of police.

"I can only speak for this particular situation -- they were not the aggressors. I expect that will come out," he said, describing the affair as "a dust-up."

Asked who in their right mind would initiate a confrontation with a large group of Hells Angels, Klein replied: "It's never an intelligent thing to start a fight."

Purdy said approximately 40 Hells Angels watched the four bikers assault the four Warren visitors, aged 21 and 22.

"I'd almost consider it a swarming," said Purdy. He predicted the case "will be handled differently" than the usual late-night weekend brawls Windsor police are forced to contend with.

"My belief is this will be looked at very carefully," said Purdy, adding it was a case of "four men involved in attacking one."


Windsor police allege the incident began with some shoving inside the bar and one of the Michigan men being assaulted before they were "pushed outside" and the second individual then became the focus of the attack.

Klein said one of his clients was also struck by a beer bottle, leaving "a mess" of one of his eyes.

Police officers from across Ontario and Quebec were in Windsor to bolster local efforts at keeping a close watch on the anniversary gathering, centred at the Hells Angels' clubhouse in Amherstburg.

When asked at a Saturday news conference what he thought of some local residents telling media the visitors with an outlaw reputation are "not so bad" and that they inject welcome money into the local economy, Bell responded: "That certainly is alarming."

"If you truly believe that drugs are not welcome in our communities, then you can't welcome these individuals," said Bell, adding local merchants "have to evaluate whether they want that type of money."

Klein said the four Hells Angels arrested early Saturday were "treated reasonably well" by police.

Because of the non-association condition, the four men were released individually, told to pack their things and "leave Essex County immediately," Purdy said.

Each had to post a standard $500 cash bail and was ordered to contact Windsor police whenever they have a change of address. Another condition is that they are forbidden from possessing or consuming alcohol.

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