News Item: Hundreds say goodbye to murder victim
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Thursday 29 June 2006 - 13:44:50

Manchester – Several hundred paid their respects yesterday to John Denoncourt, the 32-year-old Manchester resident shot outside a bar early Sunday morning, allegedly by a member of the Outlaws motorcycle gang.

The gathering drew 300 to 400 people, and about 75 motorcycles, said Kevin Marchand, funeral director at Bykowski & Young Funeral Home.

Most of the mourners congregated in small groups outside the funeral home, speaking in subdued voices and avoiding any jocularity.

A couple dozen men wore black T-shirts with “Gone Not Forgotten” written over the heart area. Several wore Hells Angels insignia; others wore colors of Milford and Co., a New Hampshire club supportive of the Hells Angels.

Organizers shooed away a reporter and said the service was private.

A self-employed contractor, Denoncourt was shot early Sunday morning outside the 3-Cousins Pizza and Lounge at 237 Wilson St. The bar is known to attract members of the Outlaws, a rival motorcycle gang of the Hells Angels.

The alleged shooter, Christopher Legere, 36, of 16 Long Hill Road, Raymond, said nothing yesterday during an arraignment at Manchester District Court. He faces a charge of second-degree murder.

Denoncourt was shot after fighting with Legere and two other men inside the bar, according to his mother and a friend. Denoncourt and Legere were acquainted with each other but not friends, they said.

The two argued that morning because Legere’s girlfriend, the bartender on duty, had hugged Denoncourt, according to his mother, Doris Denoncourt, and a friend, Lucien Prive.

Friends have insisted that Denoncourt, a motorcycle rider, was not a member of the Hells Angels but had friends in the group.

The inside of the funeral home featured flowers and photographs of Denoncourt, Marchand said. His motorcycle, a red Harley-Davidson, was parked outside the front of the funeral home.

Denoncourt’s mother, Doris Denoncourt, was shaken at first but improved through the service, Marchand said.

“She put his ashes on the bike. Things like that helped her,” he said. The service included a poem written by April Prive, the wife of Denoncourt’s friend.

Search and arrest warrant affidavits in the case were sealed by the court at the request of Senior Assistant Attorney General William Delker.

He declined to give any details concerning the shooting other than to say “witnesses did identify Mr. Legere as the shooter in this case.”

Bail cannot be set in District Court on a murder charge.

Defense attorney Bruce E. Kenna said he will be requesting a bail hearing for Legere in Hillsborough County Superior Court. He contacted police Tuesday, at Legere’s request, who police later arrested him at Kenna’s office at 69 Bay St.

Kenna told the judge that published reports of Legere’s criminal record were “largely inaccurate” and said his client has no charges pending against him in Connecticut.

According to records on file in District Court, Legere previously was convicted for selling drugs, sexual assault, assault, criminal trespass, possessing a weapon without a serial number, being a felon wearing body armor, and being a felon in possession of a dangerous weapon.

On April 8, Legere was arrested in Naugatuck, Conn., for criminal possession of body armor. Police said Legere, a member of the Raymond Chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, was wearing a bullet-resistant vest while standing guard outside the home of the gang’s reputed East Coast representative.

Legere appeared in Waterbury (Conn.) Superior Court on June 6. He was found guilty of a misdemeanor charge of criminal possession of body armor and fined $500, a court spokesman said yesterday.

Denoncourt was a frequent customer of 3-Cousins, a neighborhood bar a few blocks from where he lived on Howe Street, according to Prive.

He had been out with friends earlier in the evening celebrating one couple’s 10th wedding anniversary. He went his own way, however, after being refused entry to a downtown club because of his attire.

Denoncourt was wearing a Hells Angels T-shirt, although his friends say he was not a member of the motorcycle gang and had no affiliation with it.

The Outlaws and the Hells Angels are rival gangs and 3-Cousins is a known hang-out for the Outlaws.

Legere is to return to District Court on July 11 for a probable cause hearing.

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