News Item: Lawyer for Hells flays informant
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Thursday 29 June 2006 - 13:46:53

The lawyer for one of 13 people arrested in a massive drug raid three months ago is asking the courts to authorize a subpoena for a police informant.

Jay Prober told Justice Holly Beard yesterday a subpoena issued for Franco Atanasovic was earlier quashed by Crown attorney Tracy Lord.

PAID $525,000

Atanasovic was paid $525,000 to set up three Hells Angels -- president Ernie Dew plus Ian Grant and Jeff Peck -- and 10 dealers associated with the gang on drug charges.

Beard will hear Prober's argument 9 a.m. Tuesday. Due to scheduling problems, Lord will be questioned by Prober with a court reporter present, but no judge, prior to Tuesday.

While many of the transactions were caught on video or audio tape, the Crown has only Atanasovic's word he purchased 10 ounces of cocaine from Samuel Stephen Thorsteinson, 40, said Prober.

"(Atanasovic) is emotionally unstable. He lied to police under oath during a video statement. They are relying on eye-witness identification from an agent based on a 90-second look," Prober told Beard. "What if the agent comes forward and says he picked the wrong man? What if he refuses to testify?"

Atanasovic was paid a $175,000 bonus on top of his original $350,000, said Prober.

"I have yet to see any documents as to why, or if, he received the extra money. We submit the Crown's case is weak and there may be an allegation of police misconduct," said Prober. "I've seen jailhouse informants perjure themselves for a lot less money."

Beard warned Prober he may not like what Atanasovic has to say.

"When you subpoena a witness it means you are adopting his evidence," warned Beard.

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