News Item: Probation given for role leading to rape, torture
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Thursday 29 June 2006 - 13:58:34

A Tucson woman arrested in the rape and torture of another woman was sentenced to three years' probation Wednesday.

Tina Butz pleaded guilty to endangerment with serious physical injury earlier this month, said Assistant Attorney General Kimberly Ortiz.

Judge Hector Campoy of Pima County Superior Court could have given Butz up to two years in prison.

According to court records, a Tucson woman was kidnapped, beaten, raped, sodomized and tortured for hours with a stun gun, jumper cables and batteries in April 2003.

The case came to light after four men were found badly wounded and left for dead in Box Canyon, near Green Valley, later that month, according to Pima County Sheriff's Department reports.

One of the men told deputies they had been abducted and beaten by fellow members of the Devil's Disciples motorcycle gang because they had gone too far in punishing a woman who had failed to pay a drug debt and left a gang member's house messy.

Nine people were indicted after an investigation, some in connection with the torture case and others on drug charges.

According to Sheriff's Department records, Butz was accused of forcing the woman into a car and driving her to the site of the attack.

Butz was the last of the nine to enter a plea agreement. Six are serving sentences that range from probation to up to seven years in prison, and a seventh was sentenced to time already served while awaiting trial.

Charges were dismissed against another defendant, who had been accused of watching the victim's children during the attack.

In exchange for her guilty plea, 11 other felony charges against Butz were dropped, including assisting a criminal street gang, conspiracy, kidnapping, sexual assault and aggravated assault.

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