News Item: Biker guilty of stabbing 2 at bar
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Friday 30 June 2006 - 13:24:14

STOCKTON - A second member of Stockton's Jus Brothers Motorcycle Club was found guilty Thursday of stabbing a pair of men in a 2004 bar fight that left a third man dead.

The jury found Robert Kenneth Memory, 36, guilty on two felony counts of assault with a knife in the Nov. 5, 2004, stabbings of Jeremy Miller and Derek Scott outside Shakers bar off Country Club Boulevard. The two men survived their injuries.

But Mark Donahue died from a stabbing in that same late-night melee. This month, the jury found Frankie Joe Prater, 41, guilty of second-degree murder. He too was taken into custody after the June 9 verdict.

Bob Riley, president of the Jus Brothers Stockton chapter, said outside the courtroom that the jury blindly convicted Memory and Prater.

"It's just because they belong to a biker club," Riley said. "That's the whole thing."

Not so, said Steven Donahue, father of the 22-year-old slain man. Prater may not have stabbed Donahue's son if Memory had not backed him in the fight, Donahue said.

"This guy was part of it," he said. "It's good to see him go away in handcuffs."

Attorneys for Prater and Memory argued in the trial that the two bikers were defending themselves as a drunken group of young men attacked them. Donahue stumbled into the brawl and made a fatal decision to get involved, according to trial testimony.

The defendants' attorneys and San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Kevin Mayo declined to comment on the verdicts, because the jury's deliberations have not concluded. The jury is expected to continue deliberations today, having yet to decide on two charges that accuse Memory in the attempted murders of both Scott and Miller.

The jury appears split. The jury foreman on Thursday told San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Linda Lofthus that he doubted any further deliberations would help jurors decide the remaining charges. Three other jurors disagreed and told the judge more time might help them reach a verdict.

Lofthus, who has presided over the trial, said she would hold a hearing this morning to consider raising Memory's bail. Lofthus said the previous bail amount was not high enough, considering the jury's conviction on two serious felonies, which put two strikes on his criminal record.

Under her order Thursday afternoon, bailiff's placed Memory in handcuffs and took him to the County Jail.

"I'm going to remand Mr. Memory at this time," Lofthus ordered.

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