News Item: Bikers pay tribute to slain Hells Angels associate
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Sunday 02 July 2006 - 16:37:15

SURREY - Members of the Hells Angels paid tribute Friday to their fallen comrade in Surrey as about 150 of them rode in formation on their Harley-Davidson motorcycles to the funeral of Michael Robert Rieger, who was gunned down in Edmonton last month.

Rieger, a 37-year-old hang-around of the Vancouver Chapter of the Hells Angels, was in the Alberta capital for some annual drag races, when a dispute in the bar spilled out into the street and ended in a shooting.

"He was a very personable guy and everybody liked him. He was what we call a hang-around," Rick Ciarniello, the Hells Angels spokesman, said in an interview.

Also at the funeral at Surrey's Valley View Memorial Gardens was Jamie Yochlowitz, a 32-year-old who was also shot in Edmonton, but is recovering.

"Yes he was there, albeit in a walker," Ciarniello said Friday.

Edmonton police continue to investigate. Ciarniello said others linked to the club who were present when gunfire erupted did not get a look at the shooter.

"Nobody saw anything that night. Those people were at the races in Edmonton. In the evening, they were just at the bar," he said.

"They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don't think that this was a targeted person or anything."

Rieger, who owned a house in Whalley, died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Yochlowitz, who had some minor acting roles, was charged in 1999 with manslaughter in connection with a drug-related murder in Vancouver. That charge was later stayed and he was convicted of assault.

A young Vancouver woman also told a B.C. court that she had been recruited into prostitution by Yochlowitz, who was convicted of the offence in 1997, along with a man named Kevin Smith.

"I feel threatened because I know from experience and from observation what Kevin, Jamie and their friends are capable of," the woman said in a victim impact statement published in The Vancouver Sun. "They hurt and scare people. I worry about what they might do to me, my family or people I care about."

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