News Item: Bryan widower achieves closure after motorcycle journey
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Monday 03 July 2006 - 14:46:58

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A broken bike and bad weather couldn't keep Tim Moore from completing his mission: taking the ashes of his wife MaryJo to the earth she grew up on and the family she loved.

"The burial was very emotional," Moore said from his north Bryan home, "but it brought a lot of closure. From the beginning, I felt that was where she needed to be. Once we got there and it was happening, I really knew it was the right thing.".

MaryJo Moore died Feb. 25 from colon cancer before she and Tim could make a planned ride to the Upper Midwest. They were to visit the Badlands of South Dakota, Mount Rushmore and Sturgis, the site of an annual biker rally, and then go on to her hometown of Chaska, Minn.

After her death and cremation, Moore decided he would make that ride on his blue Harley Davidson to benefit cancer research.

"I had hoped we could raise $5,000," Moore said. "Early on, I opened an envelope and saw a check for $5,000."

As of June 25, contributions totaled $14,783.

Moore left Bryan on the evening of June 12 and rode to Dallas where he was joined by his brother Alan and friend Garth Doan.

Just outside Denver, Tim Moore's bike broke down. A repair shop told him it would take a day and a half to fix.

"My little brother stepped up big time," Moore said. "He said, 'You take my bike. I'll wait here and join you later.' He missed the ride to Mount Rushmore and through the Badlands. He ended up riding 1,000 miles in the rain in a little less than 24 hours, but he made it to Minnesota just after the burial [of MaryJo's ashes]."

Moore and Doan spent less than an hour in Sturgis, a small town that hosts more than 100,000 motorcycle enthusiasts during the second week of August.

"We pulled into a Harley store, bought a shirt and asked where we could get a steak," Moore said. "We ate and hit the road."

Asked what were the most memorable moments of the trip, Moore said: "The whole ride. It took it all to make the journey. It was good on so many levels."

Moore left Chaska June 19 and made it home June 21.

"The ride home was a different pace. If we wanted to stop and rest, we stopped. We still got home in time, " he said.

Moore had one request.

"Please thank everyone for their support. Everyone supported us on the last leg, but the journey was really nine months [from the time MaryJo was diagnosed with cancer], and we've been surrounded by love. People have been overwhelming. There's really no way to express it."

Details of Moore's trip can be found at the Web site Moore is still accepting donations. Checks can be made out to the American Cancer Society and mailed to 2210 Nuches Lane, Bryan, Texas 77803.

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