News Item: Bikers see themselves from a different driver's seat
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Monday 03 July 2006 - 14:48:25

Local motorcycle group, trucking company team up for safety event.

"It's amazing," Shreveport motorcyclist Mark Allaband said as he climbed down from the driver's seat of an 18-wheeler Saturday.

"It really looks like you're completely clear on both sides."

Allaband participated in a safety event that Tango Transport and the Shreveport Harley Owners Group organized at the "Hawg House."

The demonstration involved an 18-wheeler with a number of bikes and an SUV situated in its blind spots, or "no zones."

Almost 200 cyclists were given the opportunity to experience firsthand the limited perspective of a truck driver.

Many of the motorcyclists were surprised by the restricted line of vision that truck drivers contend with.

The elevated point of view and the obstruction caused by a trailer in tow can obscure surrounding vehicles completely.

"As big as that SUV is, you just can't see it at all in the mirrors," Allaband said.

Michael Lowe, Shreveport HOG safety officer, said the chapter has been putting additional emphasis on safety education this year.

"There are more and more cyclists on the road, and they don't have a lot of protection," Lowe said.

"We want cyclists to be more aware that a motorcycle is not a car, and that they have to learn and adhere to unique safety procedures."

This is the second year the Shreveport HOG and Tango Transport have come together to offer the hands-on demonstration. Tango Senior Driver Recruiter Roy Buckhanan, who is also a motorcyclist and HOG member, initiated the partnership.

Like other HOG members, Buckhanan felt a responsibility toward cyclists and community.

"One-third of all crashes occur when a vehicle is caught in another vehicle's blind spot," said Tango Marketing Coordinator Summer Freeman. "So many people don't realize how dangerous these blind spots can be."

While those who attended Saturday were primarily HOG members, all area bike riders were invited to attend the free annual event.

After the demonstration they were encouraged to participate in a fundraising raffle and enjoy hamburgers and hot dogs.

Lowe hoped motorcyclists at the event would gain a heightened awareness of their vulnerability on the road and the importance of defensive driving.

"This is a really good thing," said Lowe.

The bottom line is to prevent injuries and save lives, so cyclists can ride another day and have fun."

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